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Current news about the HZB IT. Please lookup older items with Versionen/Autoren. If we should have overlooked something, please submit an incident report.Bookmark this page, please!

Normal course of operations

Software updates

Firefox 45.8.0 ESR for HZB-Linux

We have installed version 45.8.0 ESR of the browser Firefox as the new HZB standard for HZB-Linux systems. With the command line firefox you may start the german version, with firefox-en the english one.

--Andreas Tomiak (Diskussion) 10:32, 20. Mär. 2017 (CET)

Thunderbird 45.8.0 for HZB-Linux

The new version 45.8.0 of the e-mail and calendar tool Thunderbird is now available. Lightning 4.7.8 and Exchange EWS Provider 3.9.0 for the calendar functions were installed, too.

You may start it as usual with thunderbird-en or thunderbird (german version).

--Andreas Tomiak (Diskussion) 13:19, 20. Mär. 2017 (CET)